Why this boat?

My journalist friend Rob was out for a harbour cruise with me this weekend  and he asked me why I chose this boat.  I started to answer, but realized it was long and complicated. Later Sarah remarked on how nimble and maneuverable the boat is.  So, back story…

My first job was as a tender operator at Bedford Basin Yacht Club.  I started when I was 12 years old and worked at it through my teens.  Most likely the youngest and possibly the oldest on record.  Best summer job ever.  If you need further explanation, think water taxi, taking passengers back and forth from their moored boats.

I was driving outboard powered boats.  A bit later in life as I roamed the world a bit, I found a few clubs and harbours used the Crosby Launch and I fell in love with those boats.  Tough, stable, maneuverable. 

Crosby Launch

A bit later, the first big power boat I ever dreamed of owning was a Willard 30.  This was about 1991 when I came across one in the great lakes.

Willard 30

I really had the Willard as a benchmark boat when I bought Mazurka. 

Escapade started out life as a super sized Crosby Launch.  That’s what attracted me.  it was built to navy specs as a tender. So I was confident that the design and build were to my liking, and confident that I would enjoy maneuvering in close quarters, which is important to me.

Beyond that, Escapade met the criteria outlined in an earlier post.

This also might help to explain the opening photo in this post.

I should say that I’m exceedingly happy with my choice.

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