My New Boat!

A Sistership

So, long story, but I’m trading in Mazurka for a bigger power boat. 

I’m reminded of a brief facebook interaction when I quit work to do the Great Loop on Mazurka

It’s now 29ish months, and I’ve now got a proper big tender!  I’m pretty chuffed.  And maybe retirement is the right term.  But that’s another topic…

This boat was built for the US Navy as a 50 foot utility boat.  Uniflite built them for years.  The photo above is a sistership that’s been done up and is for sale

They were used on aircraft carriers mostly.  Lesser ships had smaller versions.  12 tons displacement, single engine, up to 12 tons cargo or 150 passengers.  Ten knots fully loaded with DD 6-71.  Heavy rub rail all around, built in lifting points.  Pretty tough boats.

Mine ended up at Hindson Marina in Penetanguishene, and somewhere along the line it was converted to a trawler.  Later the original motor was replaced by a new John Deere 4045, a very good motor for that boat.

The current owner has had the boat for ten years, and spent a lot of time remediating issues and refinishing inside and out.  It’s almost too nice for me.  He’s taking Mazurka straight into the shop for a makeover, and I’m sure she’ll be a fabulous boat for him. 

I’ll take some pics of the actual boat when the cover comes off.  But there are lots of them in the listing.  Go take a look!

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