Making Lists

After a leisurely couple of weeks of inspections and negotiations we have a firm deal and a timeline.

Escapade – that’s the new boat – is ashore under cover. I’m going to uncover the boat and paint the bottom in the next two days. Friday Scott the seller is bringing the batteries – all 12 of them – and we hope to launch Friday or Saturday morning.

I’m taking the electronics from Mazurka and need to install them on Escapade. I’m also taking the generator from Mazurka. We’ll use a forklift to pull and transfer it after launching Escapade.

After a brief sea trial and check of equipment, we’ll close. Then it’ll be south to Lake Erie and back to Toronto. I’ve been targeting Labour Day weekend, but really there’s no big rush. I might slow down once in eastern Lake Erie.

I’ll also stock up on fuel filters and check safety equipment. Rig some lifelines forward. That’s about all I can think of at the moment.

The biggest fall ptoject is to design and install a heating system. I want to be able to stay unplugged, so it’s got to be diesel fueled. I’m leaning towards a hot water system for the whole boat, with 4 zones.

Other projects for the winter include installing A/C in the pilot house for use underway, and beefing up generating capacity on the main engine to run it. I’d love to have solar panels on the flybridge. There’s a lot of room there. Dinghy will live on the aft section of the flybridge. I can fit a bigger RIB, so that’s also on the winter list.

I’ll try to remember to take pictures tomorrow.

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