Escapade Uncovered

Escapade Uncovered

I signed the agreement this morning, and George chauffeured me around in the rain to pick up a few supplies. Once back I got to work. I’ve uninstalled all the electronics on Mazurka, and started disconnecting the generator.

This afternoon once the rain stopped it was on to Escapade. I got the cover off, started uninstalling Scott’s electronics, and checked on a few things. All good. They’ve got bottom paint and all the other supplies I need here, so tomorrow morning I’ll get a new coat of bottom paint on. Will set an alarm, as rain is forecast later in the day.

The name is kind of growing on me, and I don’t have a better one, so it’s staying for now.

In other news, my dinghy has three holes in it. Weird. I was underway for a couple of hours yesterday in Mazurka towing the dinghy, and I noticed one side was flat when I came in. Today I pulled it out and checked. I’m quite certain that debris got caught at the stern by the lowered outboard and made the punctures. Likely driftwood. I could see where it rubbed one side and punctured the other, in the lower section just behind the transom. Lesson learned. I don’t think I’ll try to fix it. That dinghy was pretty scary at any speed. Bottom was almost flat. I’ll have to measure, but I’m pretty sure I can put a light 11′ RIB on the top deck. Crane is all set up. I’d really like to have a working dinghy when I leave, so may call around on a new one. The Highfield 340 looks like a good choice.

I’m excited about Escapade, and glad I found a good home for Mazurka.

2 thoughts on “Escapade Uncovered”

  1. Congrats Jeff. Beautiful boat, you will have a lot of fun with it. It’s going to seem pretty big, but able to go anywhere. Enjoy, as I am enjoying your blog. New owner will have just as much fun with your old boat. Stay safe this weekend, with a little luck you won’t be bothered by Hurricane Laura working her way North and hoping she will miss Movie when she gets back in the water. Take care, Herbie.


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