Well, that was fun.

I’ll have to remember to add pictures later. I’ve got a few nice ones.

I’m anchored here in Lake St Claire just outside the mouth of the Thames.

Yesterday I headed upriver. Got to Chatham and had lunch there, then continued on. I got pretty far, past the Maple City Country Club. I finally bumped around here and turned around, just in time to get back to Chatham before dark. Spend the night on the dock downtown.

Today I had Scott aboard for a visit and a brief cruise. He owns a boat I’m considering buying, and has lived in Chatham his whole life. Interesting to chat about some of the history of the area. There is a cannon on the bend just above downtown trained straight down the river, a defence during the War of 1812.

After stocking up on a few supplies I headed downstream, and got here just after dusk. Tomorrow I’m heading back up to Sarnia, taking a different channel through Walpole Island.

I’ve encountered very little boating traffic. A few small boats, but nothing my size. Even Lake St Claire was almost empty when I came across a couple of days ago. It’s a bit eerie.

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