Walpole Island

Note: this was written Aug 11.

After three days at a marina I was ready to get underway again.  It was nice to be plugged in, as the weather was hot and humid. 

Today the weather broke, and after stopping briefly in Sarnia Bay for a late lunch it was off down the Detroit River.

Late Lunch
Closed Ferry Crossing

I’ve been around here twice.  Five years ago when I was boat shopping I discovered Wallaceburg, and I trailered my RIB from London to go exploring. Pretty neat area.  At the time I thought I’d like to come back on my trawler.  The second time was last summer on Tin Lizzie, but I was sailing and had my hands full.

Tonight I’m anchored here in the marsh. Nice spot.

Tomorrow I’m heading up to Wallaceburg. Then I’m going to noodle south to Lake St Claire and head up the Thames to Chatham.

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