Late night thoughts

I’m getting a sense of scale sitting on Mazurka and looking at Escapade next door. With the two bows even I’m looking into the pilothouse door from the aft end of my flybridge. These pictures were taken from my flybridge helm. The top of the forward cabin house is maybe 18″ lower than my flybridge floor.

It’s a lot of boat. Not perfect, but impressive in all the right ways, and I think it’s an ideal platform for my next boating chapter.

Things have gone well over the last few days. I’m enjoying my time with Scott the seller, and I think we’re both comfortable with the process so far. George the broker has played a supportive peripheral role, which I think is appropriate. He did a good job of managing the introduction and initial negotiations. Between the three of us we made a deal happen that I think fits for all.

My anticipated Monday departure date is looking unrealistic, but that’s fine. We’re on Scott and George’s home turf and I’m confident that we have everything we need to complete the swap successfully in the next few days. I’m quite comfortable taking things day by day, as usual.

I’ve been thinking a bit more about the return trip to Toronto. I have a winter slip there that opens up in mid October. Need to install heat but with some timely design and planning can have everything ready there when I arrive.

My plan has been to go downriver and then east on Lake Erie and down the Welland Canal. But that’s just a delivery trip. I’ve covered pretty much all of it before, and there really aren’t any spots where I’m keen to stop for any length of time. I have yet to go down the Welland, but have given up on the tick-the-box method of routing. I’m starting to consider the alternative route back through Lake Huron and the Trent Severn. Would be a more pleasant trip and lots of flexibility on leaving the boat for a while once I get off the lake.

I could go on, but need to get some sleep. More to do tomorrow.

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