The Final Stretch

I came into Sarnia three weeks ago.  I’m now counting down the days to departure.

I was tired and sore today.  Lugging batteries up stairs and climbing around a lot has taken its toll, along with irregular eating and sleeping.  But I’m fine. The end is in sight.

Today we confirmed what we had guessed yesterday – that the house battery bank is shot and was causing the thruster problem. That’s a good thing. Will have new batteries in tomorrow.

I need to find a way to move my generator tomorrow, but think that’s doable.  Then some final checks and a celebratory pizza. 

Scott brought a 20′ utility trailer down, and we’ve packed the old dinghy, winter frame, and a few other things in it.  We may even throw in the chair and love seat.  He’ll bring it to Guelph and return with Mazurka’s cover.   Good solution.  He drives to Toronto regularly.

I’ve got all my stuff in the cockpit of Mazurks and Escapade is empty.  Am going to move in tonight.

I’m increasingly thinking I’ll head north. Looks like a good weather window through to Thursday or Friday then stormy.  I might get out of here Tuesday and dash for Port Severn.  But that’s a more challenging first segment than heading south.  I think I can be reasonably prepared. Lots to think about.

It’s going to feel good leaving in Escapade.  I’m very pleased with the results of the last few weeks.  But I feel like I’ll be at full alert until I’ve got some miles in on the boat.

One pledge I’ve made to myself is to take better care of my equipment.  Escapade is in really nice shape, and I’d like to keep things that way.  It’ll be fun adding the systems required to make the perfect boat. 

Back to work.

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