Georgian Bay

We’re anchored here just north of Wiarton. Did a straight run here from Sarnia, about 24 hours. The only picture I took was this one of the early sunrise. Mike and Colin were asleep and I was alone in the pilot house.

We left Sarnia mid afternoon. Mike’s brother Colin visited in the morning, and decided to join us. So he drove home to Bright’s Grove just up the lake, and swam out to meet us just off the seawall as we came by.

We had seas from the beam for the first 10 hours or so. The boat rolls. I got seasick. Several times. And people and stuff got tossed around a bit. There are big spaces and areas where better hand holds are needed. It gradually lightened as we went north, before filling in from the south as we approached Tobermory.

The forecast was for strong southwest then west winds today, and we got them as we came south into Georgian Bay. So we hugged the Bruce Peninsula and stopped here rather than doing the long open water trip down to Severn Sound with the wind on our beam.

We didn’t have any major issues. The boat is able. Very solid feeling bashing into short steep chop today. The pilot house is marvelous. I spent some time in the berth up top, and it’s great. Secure with good sight lines. The three of us were hanging out there for much of the trip. I remain delighted with the boat.

I’m going to leave Escapade close by tomorrow for a few days. Off to Guelph to race the Snipe.

Here are some pics Mike and Colin took.

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