Escapade is tied up for a few days at Wiarton. I’m off to the sailboat races.

That’s a Great Harbor 47 on the other side of us. Interesting seeing the two side by side. I’ll take pics from the other side before I leave.

I’m thrilled with the boat. It’s everything I thought it would be and more. I’m completely comfortable moving forward with my list of improvements/enhancements to make it perfect, including stabilization. Did I mention the pilot house?

This morning we took some time to change fuel filters and run at full power for a while. Nothing alarming. There’s crud in the fuel system, but manageable. We woke up with the house battery bank dead, but it didn’t take long to resolve. Just some connections to fix. Big inverter/charger seems to be working, which is good. I’m confident carrying on next week.

Mike and Colin got picked up to get back to Grand Bend/Sarnia. It was great having them, and they really enjoyed the trip. Samantha and Sarah are on the way to get me.

Great maiden voyage!

I realized that I didn’t start the boat odometer when leaving. I’m going to start adding that to each post.

Here are a few of Mike’s pics from this morning.

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