Fall Cruising Plans

Mile 250*. I’m back aboard Escapade.

Snipe racing on Guelph Lake

Had a lovely shore leave in Guelph. Samantha and Sarah delivered me both ways. Nothing like in-person family contact, hot baths, good cooking, and meandering dog walks to reset things a bit. It’s essential for even diehard liveaboard nomads.

Sarah and I sailed our Snipe in the Palm D’Or regatta. Seven short races day one, day two called for lack of wind. It’s my kind of racing. We came fourth. Won one race, which felt good. Got noticeably smoother and more comfortable in the boat as the day wore on. Next weekend we’ll be back at it for the Canadian championships. Same venue. Can’t wait. Here are more pictures of the regatta.

The racing showed up my lack of physical conditioning. It wasn’t a hiking day, but I’m pretty stiff and sore today. I’m going to get back into my Laser when I get to Toronto. Hopefully there will be good racing well into the fall at Water Rats. I may stay at anchor for a few weeks in the Outer Harbour when I get there and just sail.

I’m going back into relaxed solo cruise mode. The weather is snotty tonight and I’m happy to be well secured in Wiarton. Tomorrow I’m underway until Friday, when I’ll get Sarah’s Country Limousine back to Guelph. I’m assuming I’ll leave the boat somewhere on the Trent Severn close to this end. Don’t have any plan other than that.

I’ll write a post dedicated to this, but friends and followers are always welcome to visit. If you’re in my neighborhood reach out. I’ve got lots of fair weather outdoor space, and am always happy to noodle around on local tours. I’m sure we can apply appropriate social distancing.

Some recent pics from the ER

* I assigned this arbitrarily, having forgotten to set my mileage when I got underway. Close enough. Also set starting engine hours @1640.

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