Cape Croker

I’m anchored here on the south side of Cape Croker. The sun has just come out and the blustery NW winds are calming. This is the view from my pilot berth. Very nice. I’m going to be here a lot.

I like this area. Very little shore side development, several nice quiet anchorages. I was tucked in under the bluffs last night at the marina when a violent front went through and there was no drama. Seems like a great place to keep a cruising boat if you live in SW Ontario. Can get to Parry Sound or Tobermory in a day.

I felt very comfortable getting out of the slip and in to the pump out dock. Deliberately put myself in a box about 100 * 100 feet and turned around 180 degrees. I used the thrusters but did enough without them to feel confident that I could have done it the old fashioned way. Finding the corners from the flybridge is actually easier than it was on Mazurka. Less flare in the hull forward. Anchoring is smooth and easy. Any concerns I had with the boat being too big to handle are rapidly fading away. The only downside so far is the $100/night bill for transient docking. Ouch. It’s in the budget, but it still stings. I’m sure it’s a good value for many, and I’d hate to see them go out of business. I’m trying to think of it as a contribution to a community that I’m only peripherally involved with, but want to support. I won’t mention it again.

I’m very much easing into things now. There is nothing red on my list. I’ve started a few threads on Trawler Forum and am defining various boat projects. Will start ordering supplies within a week. I’m not concerned about any serious breakdowns between here and Toronto and weather looks benign for the next few days. Let the dance continue!

Here are some pics of my stern chock. The only one on the boat! I have to add more deck hardware to properly handle mooring and anchoring. Had dock line chafe issues last winter that I want to avoid this winter.

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