Tied up for the night on the blue line

Guess I have some catching up to do. Yesterday I had a nice cruise across the bottom of Georgian Bay and down the Severn Sound. Stopped in Honey Harbour and got take out pizza from a machine. I’ve had worse. Last night I anchored in a sandy patch off the marked channel close to Port Severn. Benign conditions.

Today was more cool grey weather. Went through Port Severn Lock and after a brief futile plea for a discount from my Mazurka season pass bought a one way lockage pass.

Big Chute was routine – it’s far more dramatic going down. Severn Falls is a huge lock in the middle of nowhere. Now I’m at the bottom of Lock 42.

It was a lovely day. This is the second time I’ve gone through in this direction. I had a few flashbacks to the same segment in Mazurka in July 2016.

I was enjoying the narrow cottage-lined segment of the Trent River near here and missed the cutoff to the lock. There is a distracting set of classic boats on the opposite bank, and I knew I had gone by them earlier this summer.

Anyway, I soon reached a fixed bridge that looked to be about 15 feet. Hmm. Didn’t remember that, but maybe could have cleared it with the bimini on Mazurka. I dropped my mast and as soon as I got through there was another big solid highway bridge with about ten feet of clearance. WTF? As soon as I looked at my plotter I saw what had happened, but I was up top going under the bridge, and spent a brief moment puzzling as I got turned around.

The boat is marvelous. The pilot house is marvelous. I’ve got a list of custom exterior railings sketched out and am looking for a fabricator. Boat slides along at 10 km/hr without a ripple. Locking is an absolute delight. Blah blah blah. I did had a toilet clog, but resolved it. Probably a bit more mess than necessary, but I now have a complete understanding of how the system works.

I have a long list of things to do ashore. Realized I have a cracked dental bridge today. Then heard a dentist on CBC a few house later talking about this. Guess I can’t escape the crowds on this one. Will likely stop for a while in Orillia or Barrie. Lots to do. Hope the weather gets better before it gets worse. I’m sure it will.

I’ve started a couple on threads on Trawler Forum on the motor and stabilization. I’m Jeff F. I generally don’t do a lot of cross posting, but there are some Escapade specific threads there. Some of my pictures were taken in specific contexts. Thought I’d just throw them in here each day.

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