Speed Trials

One of the key features of Escapade for me is the motor. I’ve been getting to know it and running at high outputs periodically over the last week or so. See https://www.trawlerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=53138

I got down to Barrie yesterday, and spent this afternoon cruising up and down the bay doing performance tests. Beautiful day.

The motor and drivetrain seem to be well set up and in good running order. I’m very pleased with the fuel usage numbers.

Fuel Consumption

For comparison purposes, on my 6,000 mile Great Loop trip on Mazurka I got a little better than 4.5 usmpg with an average speed of ~6.8 knots. I can do much better than that with Escapade.

One thought on “Speed Trials”

  1. Those are really good numbers Jeff and there is rarely any need to go faster than 7-8 knots. You can make some serious distance days at that. Cheers, Herbie


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