Snipe Racing

Cheddar and Snipes

Samantha, Sarah and I have a Snipe that we keep on Guelph Lake. There is a boating club there that has an active fleet. I went looking for one when we knew we were moving here and found a decent boat that was pretty turn key. I love small lake sailing. My Laser is there too, but I’m going to get back to Water Rats with it one of these years.

Sarah and I were out today racing in the Canadian Championships. That’s a picture Samantha took from the beach with our dog Cheddar in the foreground. Like last weekend, great racing. The Snipe is a fun boat. Easy to sail to 90% then endlessly tweakable. We’re at that fun stage in the learning curve where we’re seeing steady improvement in boat handling, mark groundings, etc. Boat speed isn’t awful. We were pretty smooth today, relative to last weekend, and I was more deliberate and successful in starting after a less than stellar first race.

Back at it tomorrow. We got eight races in today. Front coming through tomorrow morning but looks like we’ll get more racing in.

Edit Sept 14: Julian captured one of the starts Sarurday on his Go Pro. That’s us on his hip coming off the line.

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