Upper Ottawa River


I’m anchored here just above the Carrillon Lock. Beautiful evening. The shoreline here is part of Voyageur Provincial Park.

Yesterday I came down the locks from Ottawa and cruised down the river to just above Cumberland. A sailing acquaintance has a home on the water there, and I anchored in front and had a nice visit. Stayed the night there.

Today was a relaxed cruise down to Hawksbury for a nice dinner, then here.

I looked for birds today, testing my earlier hypotheses about being inside vs outside. Didn’t see any. I hope I see something alive in the St Lawrence. It’s distressing.

Today is St Jean Baptiste day, and is a Quebec holiday. Lots of day trippers on the water. Great but for the big motoryachts that cruise up from behind at maximum wake speed and pass as close as they can. It’s a bit rude.

I’ve got a few things to do on the boat, and may hang here tomorrow. Next segment is down through the lock and to the seaway locks in Montreal, where I have a reservation for Wednesday.

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