I arrived at the top of Sainte-Catherine Lock this evening and anchored here for the night.  Samantha and Sarah are coming tomorrow for a short visit and we’ll go through two seaway locks to get to the port downtown, and stay at the bottom of the Lachine Canal for a day or two. 

There’s a bit more going on around here.  Currents and ships.  It feels like a seaway.  It’s a contrast to the kicked back Rideau and Ottawa River

After sitting out bad weather for a couple of days I came through Carrilon Lock.  They gave me some grief over being solo, but let me through.  I knew of that policy for the Chambly Canal but hadn’t realized it’s a provincial rule.

I had hoped to spot some birds at the bird sanctuary just down the river, but saw only three terns and three geese while passing. 

After that it was fun to come south under route 40 and then 20.  I spent last night at Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue.  After a couple of nice meals ashore I headed down to Lac Saint-Louie today. 

While I was finishing this post a big bulk carrier came out of the lock behind me. I like watching these guys.

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