Montreal Old Port

It’s been a fun and interesting couple of days.

Samantha and Sarah were driving from Northport to meet me yesterday, but when we tried to meet at the seaway lock we found fences and locked gates between us. And it was raining and we didn’t have time to meet elsewhere and make the scheduled lockage. So we changed plans, and I went over to Lachine to meet them there. I’m glad I did. Neat spot. We stayed the night at the Parks Canada dock at the top of the Lachine Canal.

Today we were underway about 0800, and arrived at the bottom of the Lachine Canal about 1700. We’re too big to go down the Lachine, so had to cross Lake St Louis and go through the two seaway locks on the south side of the river, then a brief run back upstream to the old port.

We were able to come up through the bottom lock to stay the night at another Parks Canada dock. Nice spot, right next to a nice patio restaurant where we had dinner.

Lots of pics below that Samantha and Sarah took.

Tomorrow I’m heading downstream to enter the Richelieu river at Sorel. Miles is joining me for a few days on Saturday, and we’re going to cruise the Chambly Canal.

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