I just said good bye to Miles and his friend Joe. They joined me here in Chambly Saturday mid day, and we traveled up through the Chambly Canal. I’ll write another post about that. I’m anchored here for tonight.

I left Montreal Friday late morning. It had been blowing from the NE and was pretty grey and cool. The trip down to Sorel from Montreal was uneventful and not always pleasant with wind against current.

Sorel is pretty industrial from the water. I thought I had been there before, but now am quite sure I haven’t been. I was happy to be on the Richelieu River and kept going until I got to the St Ours lock, where they allowed me to go through solo. I stayed the night at anchor here and cruised up to Chambly Saturday to meet Miles and Joe.

Tomorrow may be a lay day. I really need to do some work on the boat to prepare for sea. Fastening down and stowing things properly, getting groceries and water, etc. This may be as good a time and place as any. When I leave here it’s to the St Lawrence to head east.

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