Chambly Canal

Here’s Joe’s account and pictures.

My trip on the Escapade

Our trip began at the first port in Chambly, Quebec. We started the evening by climbing 6 locks upstream on the Richelieu River. As the evening progressed we decided to dock near lock 6 for the night. For dinner we ate some delicious frozen pizzas cooked directly on the boat! Sunday morning we continued to climb the remaining 3 locks and stop at a local restaurant for fish and chips. After lunch, we continued boating until we hit the border of the United States. After we left the canal, Miles and I went for a ride on the dingy. we had some grilled cheese for dinner and played a game of wizard. The second night, we anchored in the middle of the water to rest. Day 3 we set course around 9:30am back to the port at lock 1 in Chambly, Quebec. At lock 9 we docked for lunch again and got some burgers and poutine. After lunch on day 3 we continued back the chambly and returned to the port at lock 1 by 4:30pm. In conclusion, the whole trip was very relaxing and an incredible learning experience. My favourite moments of our outing were hanging out on the roof of the boat and riding around on the dingy. Very fun and exciting trip overall!

  • Joe Richardson

Jeff’s notes: I’m glad we did it, and understand why they require crew. We had a well oiled lock team on the return trip.

I had my attention focused on driving the boat mostly – the channels are narrow in many places and the locks are 22 feet wide and we’re 15. No problems but not much time for taking pics. I did get some of the dinghy ride.

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