Richelieu River

After a line of thunderstorms went through around supper time I pulled anchor in Chambly and cruised downstream to anchor here. Return trips are always more relaxed. Plus the obnoxious pleasure boaters that were out on the weekend are gone now. So I enjoyed the scenery.

I can’t believe the behaviour of boaters here. We were in the middle of a wide section of the river on Sunday when a 50′ cruiser passed from astern at 18 knots. I could have jumped between the boats. Asshole. Saturday I had someone in a 40′ come roaring towards me on full plane while I was in a narrow buoyed dogleg channel. He slowed just before we met and we came very close to colliding. I actually clipped a red buoy with my stern trying to stay clear. I was not more than a minute from being out of the narrow section.

Humid weather is gone and the weather looks good for a few days. Cool and clear. Next planned stop is Quebec City.

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