At anchor

I’m anchored here in a lovely cove in Mabou. Wow. I could happily be storm stayed here. One house on the point and a small boating club, otherwise empty. There is an excellent pub and bakery 2 km away by road or dinghy.

The geography is quite striking. I didn’t get the full treatment coming in as a couple of heavy showers were hanging around. Hope it’s clear in the morning.

When I came in I tried to get closer to the pub, and almost anchored close to route 9, but then bumped bottom a couple of times and thought better of that. It’s mid tide rising, but a pretty small range here.

I straight lined it leaving Pictou, so was a few miles off the north shore coming out. Met land again at Henry Island and followed the shore in to Mabou.

There is no significant wind forecast between now and Thursday anywhere in the area. Probably some thunderstorms, but the ones I encountered today were non threatening. So I’m feeling good about traveling around the top of Cape Breton. I guess I’ll be following the Cabot Trail. Cool.

I’ve also been realizing that Newfoundland is really close. I could be in Port aux Basques easily in two days. Noodling on that.

I could also use some company. Looks like some really spectacular country, and it seems a shame to do it alone.

I’ve got plenty of room for guests and will always trade good food or good music for passage. If you’re reading this and want to come on a boating adventure on short notice reach out.

Pics from today in order. You may notice more lighthouse shots in the future. They’re for philosophy aunt Anita.

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