I’m anchored here in Dingwall.  Left Mabou at 0630 and got in here at 2100.  It’s a delightful little harbour, very quiet right now.

I have 132 (!) pictures from today.  Rather than pick highlights I’ll get them all here once I’m in more solid internet land.

Wow. The coast is more dramatic and varied than I was expecting. Well worth the trip. I stopped in Chedicamp for lunch, and from there north every little cape brought another delight.

I’m not going to Newfoundland. Lots to see and do in NS for the next couple of months. Tomorrow I’ll head 45 miles down the eastern side of the cape to the northern entrance to the Bras D’Or Lakes. Maybe Baddeck tomorrow night.

Today was a perfect day for traveling the coast. Warm for this area – I’ve been in shorts and a tee shirt for the last 48 hours – and calm. More of the same for the next day or two, though fog seems likely tonight.

I saw a couple of pilot whales near Cape St Lawrence, and lots of birds. Mostly though I was looking at the shore. There is such a sense of permanence here, just eons of sea and rock.

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