Toronto – Halifax Summary

I filled up with fuel and water and pumped out at Dartmouth Yacht Club today.  Nice facility.

Some numbers on my trip from Toronto – Halifax:

  • Start date May 20
  • End date July 29
  • Distance: 2,090 nautical miles, 3,870 km
  • Engine hours: 322
  • Fuel used: 2,074 l, 548 us gal

I need to correct earlier posts on fuel economy, which were based on the instrument reported consumption.  I thought they were awfully good.  I started to catch on to the discrepancy after getting going this spring.  Based on my observations the instrumented fuel consumption is only about 75% of actual burn. 

I’ve been loligagging around Halifax and Bedford for a week catching up with old friends and tidying up a bit.  Escapade has some admirers here.  I think the heritage is appreciated. 

This weekend I’ll head out the harbour and turn right.  The south shore beckons.  I’m not sure where or when my next extended stop will be.  My plan is to hop to the US from southwestern NS, but that depends on the border opening to visitors.  In any case I’m excited to be heading down the shore.

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