Mahone Bay

View from Spudgel

I was in the Northwest Arm Saturday shopping for some boat stuff, and stayed there Saturday Night.

Greg came back aboard Sunday morning with his old friend Tom, and the three of us had a fun and relaxed cruise around to Tom’s home in Gen Margaret on the eastern shore of St Margaret’s Bay.  Marvelous trip, we went into every inlet along the way, and had benign conditions. 

I was pretty busy watching where we were going, but Tom was taking some pictures.  These are his.

Saturday night we were on a mooring in front of Tom’s place.  Very nice property.  I was happy to hang on Tom’s deck listening to Tom and Greg make music into the wee hours.

Today Greg and I followed the shoreline counter clockwise around St Margaret’s Bay, exploring all the inlets.  We came around the end of the Aspotogan Penninsula into Mahone Bay, took a little side trip into Deep Cove, then out to anchor off Little Tancook Island in front of a home owned by Fred and Moira, other friends of Greg.

I’m back aboard now after a relaxed and fun dinner ashore at their place.  Greg is sleeping in Spudgel, a delightful outbuilding on the shoreline.

I have to say my plan of closely following the shoreline has been fabulously successful and interesting.  I’ve done this trip countless times, but always in a sailboat and always well off the shoreline.  Much of the water we covered in the last two days was new to me. 

I don’t have much on my agenda for the next few days.  Chester Race week starts Wednesday, and I’ll take that in, then have a few days of visits and visitors booked for next week in the area.  Weather looks benign through the week.  Good motor cruiser weather. 

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