Prep Work

I’m relaxing in Ontario but have a flight booked back to NS Oct 25. Escapade will be hauled by then and we’ll get to work for a few days. I’m targeting Nov 1 for the splash date.

I’ve been thinking of heading straight across the Gulf for a landfall in Massachusetts. I’ve done that trip a number of times in sailboats. I could do it in 24-28 hours on Escapade, but being ten hours from the nearest shore gives me pause.

But regardless of whether I go that route, I’d like to say my boat is capable of doing it. That’s the immediate task at hand.

I bought a survival suit. I carry a small coastal life raft, but hypothermia is a real threat and the suit ups the odds of survival if I have to abandon ship.

Beyond the usual pre-voyage jitters, I need to remind myself that a December cruise through New England could be delightful. I’ve got a comfortable capable boat. I haven’t traveled the Maine coast. I think I’m more fearful of weather challenges than I should be. I don’t need to go far offshore if I don’t want to.

The prospect of being fully operational and back underway next month is exciting. Here’s to off season cruising!

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