Hello NS. Again.

I’m getting reacquainted with the Halifax airport. Just flew in from Kitchener.

That’s me trying out my survival suit in Guelph Lake. I like it. And this probably sounds odd, but it feels like it protects me from fish. I can’t imagine getting eaten by a shark while floating around in that thing.

Boating related, it was fun to go sailing on Lake Ontario with my Masters Laser buddy Brett. He made the jump to a 2008 Jeanneau 39DS. Nice boat. Watching the evolution of these boats over the years is interesting.

My friend David picked me up at the airport and will deliver me to Lunenburg tomorrow morning. Escapade hasn’t moved. I’ll bring the boat into the slings tomorrow for hauling.

No real changes in my plan for getting away. I’ll be happy when I get moving, but have some work to do and get done first.

Winter plans are firming up a bit. I’ve pretty much committed to being in the Florida Keys for a few weeks in late December and early January. So that’s the end point for this segment. I hope to be in Miami by mid December and fly home for a week or two.

I haven’t actually thought much about the trip timing up to now. Five weeks doesn’t leave a lot of time for dawdling. I’ll have to get up early every day and keep moving to meet that time line. I’ll revisit it when I’m in the US.

One of my blog followers and fellow TF participant Rick reached out in response to my earlier guest invitation, and will join me for a segment between New England and New York. Familiar waters for him. Looking forward to having him aboard.

I’ll take some boat pics this week during our short haul and post regular updates.

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