Short Haul

Escapade is ashore.  14 months and about 3000 nautical miles since I launched in Sarnia.  I’m targeting launch in 6 days.  We’ll see.

The yard is removing the shaft and sending the prop and shaft over to the shop, repainting the bottom, and a few other small things.  I’m removing the backing cone.  I’ll just cap the stuffing box so it can easily be reinstalled.  I don’t think I’ll miss it.

I’m working inside on getting everything secure and ship shape. Would also like to get my generator operational. No shortage of small tasks, as always, but I don’t want to worry about stuff coming loose in rough weather.

I always like boat spotting.  Took a few pics today.

This is a local boat. Fiberglass from the 1950s. I’ve been admiring it for weeks.
These guys left Sweden a few years ago and sailed to the Carribean. Now going the same way as me. Nice boat, an older Bowman 45
Some lobster boats have length/beam ratio < 2.

This boat caught my eye immediately. Aluminum solo racer. Apparently stranded by COVID. I told Eric it was like Tin Lizzie but a bit bigger. I had a little peak into the cockpit from the ladder. Looks serious.

Speaking of aluminum, I’ve seen Boreals all over NS. I now recognize that some of the sightings were duplicates, but there were three here a few weeks ago at the same time. I think I have a thing for metal boats.

I was also quite taken by an Outbound 46 that passed through recently. I circled it from my dinghy a couple of times trying to guess what it was. Dr Google confirmed it to be a Carl Schumacher design. I liked all his designs. My kind of voyaging sailboat.

No real power boat envy. I still love the traditional north shore lobster boats. They’re very lean, and seem to go any speed without fuss. But I have no conceivable use case for one. And Escapade has spoiled me for

More progress pics tomorrow. Weather is going to be snotty for a couple of days. Lots of rain and wind coming.

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