The Everglades

Anchored in Ingraham Lake

I’m anchored here in the heart of Everglades National Park. The tip of Florida. No sign or people. I found about ten feet of water in the stream after bumping on a bar near the entrance. There is a strong inbound current that I assume will change with the tide.

Unfortunately I’m low on gas for the dinghy, otherwise I’d be exploring some of the channels. But there is stuff to see from the mothership. Pelicans and dolphins, and I’ll be watching for alligators. I meant to get gas before leaving Marathon, then forgot.

The only road around here goes to Flamingo, maybe 30 km east of here. I tried to get in there earlier with hopes for gas and lunch, but ran out of water well short of the harbour and turned around. Next place with any road access is Everglades City, NW of here. I’ll head that way tomorrow.

Not much else to report. Yesterday I came up the Atlantic side, and anchored next to the Channel Five Bridge. Weather is benign and pleasant.

When I’m in places like this I wish for a smaller boat. I think there is a boat route directly between Flamingo and Everglades City, but Escapade is too big and too deep to go poking around there. It would be fun to do some time.

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