Sanibel Island

At anchor

I’m anchored here adjacent to a wildlife preserve. Nice quiet spot.

Friday I left the anchorage in the Everglades and came up the west coast to Marco Island, staying a couple of miles offshore. There are some remote deep water channels along that stretch that I could have explored, like Shark River. I’d like to come back to that area some time and poke around. Maybe with a canoe or kayak.

Saturday was a non-travel day. I got groceries and dinghy fuel, and explored a bit by dinghy. My dinghy motor hadn’t been running well, and I was thinking of cleaning the carburetor, but with fresh fuel it’s running much better. I was using gas I’d bought in NS last summer.

Today I had a lovely inside cruise up to Naples, then followed the shore line up to here.

Weather has been great, but is going to be a bit unsettled for a few days this week. I’m not in any mad rush to push north, but I spent lots of time exploring the area between here and Tarpon Springs in Escapade, and don’t have any specific destinations or plans until I get north of there. I’ll be loafing north on the ICW for the next couple of days, and watching for good weather to head up around the Big Bend area.

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