Crystal River

I saw a manatee up close. No pics yet. One swam right up to the dinghy as I was trying to fix the outboard. We were face to face for a few seconds.

Last night I anchored here just east of Anclote Key, sheltered from the west. This morning was calm and nice for the trip here.

I’m now anchored here in King’s Bay. Interesting trip in. I was 5-10 miles offshore coming up to stay in deep (10 ft) water, then in through a marked channel and into the river, then up here. Pictures below were taken coming in.

It’s going to be windy and rainy, with coastal flooding for the next day or so, but this is a good spot, as long as the long term anchored boats don’t come crashing into me. Tuesday looks like good weather to head north from here.

I thought new gas helped with the dinghy motor, but it’s gotten worse. I had the carburetor off this afternoon to check the float valve, but it looked ok. Now not running at all. Hopefully I’ll get it sorted tomorrow.

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