I’m anchored here in Carrabelle. Good stop. I was here in Escapade and convoyed south with a few Loopers from here almost exactly 3 years ago.

To catch up, I did see manatees up close. These pics from Eric prove it! I got the dinghy motor working properly, and took Eric, Rosalie and Vicky in to the springs to see them. Dozens were hanging out in one spot.

I spent three nights at anchor as a front came through. As expected there was some carnage among the permanently moored boats, but I had stayed clear of them and had no issues.

I had originally been keen on going up the Suwanhee River, but couldn’t find any charts or evidence of any aids to navigation in the river and started thinking about the consequences of getting hung up there. Plus I’m more interested in having a visit home than spending more time alone on the boat. So I headed for Steinhatchee when I left Crystal River at dawn on Tuesday.

Steinhatchee was an easy stop. I anchored above the bridge and got takeout pizza from Hungry Howie’s. Left early the next morning for St Mark’s.

I was remembering a great seafood restaurant that I stopped at in 2018, and was sure it was in Steinhatchee. When I got there I realized that I had misremembered the place! Maybe it’s still ahead of me…

St Mark’s was new to me, and I had made some tentative plans to try to leave Escapade for a couple of weeks. But there was no room at the only marina in town. It’s a very small community. I went upriver for a few miles beyond town and had a pleasant evening anchored in the river.

Today I got away late morning, and got in here at dusk. Rainy and grey this afternoon, but not unpleasant.

I’ll likely hang around here tomorrow. There are stores, restaurants and marinas very close by. Still trying to organize some time ashore.

I was struck again coming in past Dog Island of how beautiful it is around here. Lots of beaches, and all empty this time of year. I don’t think I’ve seen any bigger recreational boats underway since I left Crystal River.

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