I arrived here mid afternoon. No issues with the two locks I’ve been through – these ones have floating bollards, and there is very little commercial traffic so no delays so far. Last night I anchored here next to a bridge abutment.

After fueling up I came over an anchored here. Nice spot, in a park. Went ashore and biked out for dinner.

I’m at a fork. The Black Warrior River goes east through Tuscaloosa to end near Birmingham. This was a big coal shipping route during WW II. It’s about 400 miles up and back. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing it as a side trip. It looks like there is a stop in Tuscaloosa near groceries, restaurants, etc. So maybe I’ll head for Tuscaloosa then turn around.

My Spot tracker is on all the time, so if you want real time tracking of my progress, check in here:

The Tombigbee goes north. It’s something like 240 miles to the Tennessee River. That’s the way home.

I’m not in a great rush. Sister Susan is joining me in two weeks, and I’m planning to be on the upper Tennessee then.

Weather has been pleasant, sunny and clear. Frosty this morning. Rain is forecast for Thursday. I’m enjoying the low water and lack of a strong head current. There is no debris. But that can change.

The geography changed gradually over the last two days. There are small hills now. The river is a bit of a canyon now. I didn’t see much of the surrounding area today.

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