Black Warrior River

I left Demopolis Tuesday morning and decided to detour up the Black Warrior. Tuesday night I anchored just below the Selden Dam, and arrived at Tuscaloosa just after dark on Wednesday, and spent the night at a restaurant dock.

I had a couple of meals out and put in a big load of groceries in Tuscaloosa. The weather was threatening on Thursday, and the dock was not suitable for stormy weather or higher water levels, so I left to head back downstream on Thursday afternoon.

There was a violent front coming through in the early evening, and I kept going on the river until the nasty stuff was over. Lots of rain and wind. There was a tornado warning, and a couple touched down within about 30 miles of my position. I anchored in a safe spot outside the channel about 9 pm after the front passed.

Got up this morning to find that the water level had gone up about 6 feet and there was a big tree hanging on the anchor chain. The second pic is of it floating free after I had got the anchor up.

Today I basically stayed ahead of the surge. The water levels are forecast to crest this weekend about 20 feet above today’s levels. Today I had a 2-3 mph tail current.

I’m now anchored here. Tomorrow I head north on the Tombigbee. Weather looks good for the next couple of days, and the Tombigbee isn’t flooding like the Black Warrior.

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