Tennessee River

Taking on fuel and water atJoe Wheeler Marine

I’ve been hanging out tied up to the municipal dock in Decatur, AL. I got in here Thursday evening. Susan is flying in to nearby Huntsville airport tomorrow morning and cabbing over here to join me for a few days.

The trip up the Tenn Tom was uneventful. I was especially interested in the divide cut section. Most of the pics are of that section. That was a huge project that was completed in 1985.

The waterways have largely been empty. I met a couple of pleasure craft southbound, and occasional tows. The standard tow on the Tenn Tom is 8 barges.

I didn’t really have any expectation for the Tennessee River. It’s big, and largely empty so far. I’ve gone through two locks. The current is strong in places, up to 3 mph.

Weather has been pretty unpleasant since I got here, rainy and cold. Clearing tomorrow, and looks nice for this week. We’re heading upstream.

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