Knoxville, TN

Town dock, Knoxville

That was pleasant. Susan joined me on Sunday afternoon in Decatur AL as planned, and we got underway immediately. I had suggested that she fly out of Knoxville, about 440 miles upstream, and she had a flight booked for Saturday, today. I realized early on that this was pretty ambitious, particularly with a head current that was up to 3 mph in spots.

We ended up arriving here Friday afternoon, with lots of time for her to get COVID tested and for us to explore Knoxville a bit.

The trip up was lovely. We had the river to ourselves most of the time, and the weather was gorgeous all week, sunny and calm, and warmer later in the week. We traveled dawn to dusk, and only stopped briefly in Guntersville and Chattenuga for provisions.

From here I’m heading down the Tennessee to meet Samantha and Sarah in Land Between the Lakes. We have a date there in three weeks, and it’s about 630 miles. It’ll be a very leisurely cruise, with time for stops and diversions.

But first I have to do some repairs. The fridge stopped working earlier this week, and I think my inverter is dying. So I’ll likely try to get that sorted before leaving here. And I have some old friends to catch up with.

Susan took a gazillion pictures, so I’ll ask for her best and post here later.

2 thoughts on “Knoxville, TN”

  1. Hello Jeff!
    Welcome to Tennessee!

    First a couple of referrals for your inverter and fridge issues…I’m not affiliated with either, just a satisfied customer.

    Tim Robbins , owner of Freedom Marine Electric, 865-681-2983

    Second is Marysville Marine/Inverter Service
    White House Tn, near Nashville, 800-782-4795

    While here in our neck of the woods, I can reccommend Ft. Loudon Marina at mi 601, very large 1st class marina, they also have a Calhoun’s restaurant on site

    If you can spare the time, if you would like to get ‘up close and personal’ with the Smoky Mountains, consider a short side trip up Tellico Lake via the short connecting
    canal…..also at mi 601. A 22mi run gets you to Tellico Marina, a super nice facility with transient dockage. You’ll be face to face with the Smoky’s and likely to see some snow on the mountain tops come Sat or Sun lol!!

    Kentucky Lake is a gem and glad to hear you plan to spend some time there. Paris Landing State Park Marina at mi 66.1 is a nice, quiet spot. The bay happens to be the base for the Army Corps/Coast Guard buoy tender fleet.

    Continueing on downstream, along the LBL shore are a number of excellent anchorages….Sugar Bay, Duncan Bay are but two.

    Thoroughly enjoy your blog, boat, and style!

    Best Regards!


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