Kentucky Lock

I’m sitting next to Kentucky Lock waiting for a slot to get down. Busy spot

The trip down from Pickwick was pleasant and uneventful. Lots of current on my tail. I burned 24 gallons of fuel going 160 miles.

It’s now pouring rain, and the area is due for 2-3 inches over the next 24 hours or so.

From this lock it’ll be a quick trip down the 20 miles remaining on the Tennessee, then onto the Ohio River and through one lock on the Ohio to get to Cairo, where I turn right to go up the Mississippi. Water levels are high on the Ohio but low on the Mississippi, but the rain will bring the water up as I’m traveling. It looks manageable. It’s 200 miles against the current from Cairo to Alton, without any fuel stops. I’m planning on five days from here to Alton.

Wish me luck!

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