Ohio River

I finally got through the Kentucky Dam around noon, and had a fast ride down to where I anchored here on the Ohio River about 6:30. I’m between two wing dams in relatively quiet waters. Nice spot, protected from the southerly winds expected tonight. The last two pics are looking forward and aft from my anchored position.

The Ohio is high, but has been dropping for a while, so there isn’t any major debris. Smooth sailing. Lots of barge traffic, and I expect lots more down to Cairo.

I’m getting excited about climbing the Mississippi. I like going upstream as there is an incentive to get in close to shore to avoid the current, and far less risk in doing so. Downstream is comparatively less interesting and the appropriate route is in the deep water channel.

Rain has stopped and the weather looks pretty good for the next few days. Water level is forecast to go up about 8 feet on the Mississippi this week, but will still be pretty low. Minor flood stage is about 30 feet, and a year ago it was at 36 feet. Right now it’s at 17 and going to crest at 25 on the weekend. I can work with that. When I came down a few years ago it was at about 30.

2 thoughts on “Ohio River”

  1. Glad you weren’t close to the threatening weather further south. I love that you insert the placement – so I can see exactly where you are in the map. I really had no idea how the Tennessee River connects to the Ohio and then to the Mississippi, Gee those Americans love naming rivers with lots of double letters! Stay safe. Sheila


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