Lake Erie in October

Engine repairs are well in hand. Mechanic will be back Thursday with a new ECU and some OEM fuel filters, and I’ll be cleared to carry on.

I’ll do a full post on the engine – history, symptoms, diagnostics and resolution – once I’m settled for the winter in Toronto. There is some small chance that the issue still exists, but I think it’s very small.

I hadn’t really had any concerns about making my way down the north shore of Lake Erie. It’s about 200 miles down the lake to the top of the Welland Canal. But I checked the operating season, and it closes on Nov 1.

Now I’m having concerns about making the Welland. It’s been shitty weather the last couple of days – I don’t think I’d be on Lake Erie if the boat was fixed. Hopefully I’ll get a weather window on the weekend to blast straight down the lake, but that’s looking pretty iffy. Strong southerlies forecast for early next week, not good…

I’m going to be thankful when I reach Lake Ontario, and ready for a break from boat travel. It’s not always roses and sunshine!

One thought on “Lake Erie in October”

  1. Did the John Deere tech. guy seem to think he has a handle on the engine problem, would be great and you a feeling of reliability if it gets fixed and runs well.

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