Port Colborne

That was a smooth trip. I’m now at the top of the Welland Canal, and am booked for a downbound trip on Thursday morning. Looks like I’m going to make it to Toronto. As it turned out I’ve had increasingly nice weather since I got underway on Friday.

I had a bit more anxiety when the new computer didn’t arrive Thursday. But on Friday Clayton arrived about noon with the new unit. I left Chatham pretty much as soon as he was done.

Friday night I anchored across from Windsor Yacht Club. Fueled up Saturday morning, and spent the next night anchored off the north end of Pelee Island. First time there, and I walked a couple of km and had dinner out.

Sunday was a long run to Port Stanley. Nice stop. Monday was an easy trip to the tip of Long Point, where I anchored for the night. Today was an easy run with a side trip up the Grand River to Dunnville. Interesting area. It’s been five years since I was last through this area.

I’ve never been through the Welland. Samantha and Sarah are joining me tomorrow night and going through with me on Thursday.

One thought on “Port Colborne”

  1. Such a great adventure! Anchored off Pelee Island and exploring that place is an adventure I hope I can experience first hand some day.

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