Off the Dock

I’m underway for the season.

Tonight I’m anchored here in the Toronto Islands. My plan is to head for the Thousand Islands next week, then back through the Bay of Quinte and into the Trent Severn Canal, which opens May 19.

That’s my Silverwing 600 perched on the deck. Easy to load and unload from the dock.

You’ll also notice a new kayak on top. I’ve also replaced my outboard with a shiny new Tohatsu 20 HP. Yee haw!

I’m going to be practicing multimodal transport this summer. My plan is to stay between here and Sault Ste Marie with Escapade, but be able to spend more time in Toronto and Guelph.

I picked up a new car over the winter. Sold our old Rondo and bought a 2005 Prius. Great car. It’s parked at Susan’s and is easy to pick up any time.

I’ve also finally figured out how to capture waste engine heat for cabin heat and hot water. RTFM. Works great.

Beyond that the boat is in good order. I still have a few fairly urgent items on my to-do list, but plan to have lots of down time to get them addressed.

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