Port Colbourne

I’m anchored in Colbourne Harbour. Left Toronto this morning and noodled along the shore. Calm and rainy late in the day. I stopped just after dark.

It feels really good to be back underway. I’m also happy to be out of Toronto. I may stay here for a couple of days.

The next week or so looks like perfect weather. Samantha and Sarah are planning a visit Sat-Mon and the Thousand Islands are always a hit.

I think I’ve solved the hop-on, hop off challenge with the scooter. Maybe we’ll try it. They could hop on in Kingston, we’d stop in Gananoque, and I’d take the scooter back to retrieve their car, then get dropped off at the scooter. Need a good dock, but there’s one there.

The only pics I’ve taken since my last post are these:

I took them intending to send them to my friend David. We’d been chatting about fuel economy and my faith in old cars. His kids are into diesel VWs. I bought a 2005 Prius with 355,000 km from a stranger and left for Florida in it a few days later.

The car is serving me well. I confounded Sarah by easily packing my winter frame into it and having space to carry a few radiators as well. It’s living underground in Toronto when I’m not using it, easily accessible by GO.

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